LIttle Miss Super Cute GMCSustainicus is a blog about a woman who once lived in a very big city, then moved to the backwoods of nowhere West Virginia, where she found out the reality of Oil and Gas’ newfangled & fancy promise of prosperity with extreme extraction: fracking. Scrambling for a plan B, she now resides in a vintage 26 foot GMC Motorhome with her husband and Jack the Adventure Dog looking for her next home. Without a clue of where to lay down roots and extreme reticence to ever buy property again, she finds herself in an interesting situation. Where does one settle with the hopes to never face the frack fight again? Not really sure…and not really sure why I’m writing in third person (but let’s go with it until further notice, like now).

I enjoy music, art, a wide variety of creative endeavors, alternative building, as well as doing the right thing for the next generations to come. I care deeply for sustainable practices, though I despise that the term has been co-opted by corporations to green wash – everything from banking to fish to shipping logistics. My experience in West Virginia, shaped my realization that the collective we are beyond sustainability, we now must focus on resiliency in order to get back on track to something more sustainable. I suppose the question could be posed: Which came first sustainability or resiliency?

If you found yourself here, welcome.


  • Graduate of the Sustainable Community Development Degree Program from Prescott College.
  • Played a key role with a non-profit instrumental in building capacity for the local food system and heritage tourism in West Virginia.
  • Find enjoyment working with communities on initiatives that promote local food and best use environmental practices with a focus on heritage,  history, arts and culture which in turn encourages scalable sustainable community economic development.
  • Keenly aware that all things are interconnected with a firm belief sustainable prosperity can not be attained without respecting basic natural resource infrastructures that keep a community healthy, like clean water, air and soil. You know, the little things.

While on the grand adventure finding home, I currently write this blog, (and many iterations of my resume), do freelance work and will one day make cheese using the camp stove at a campsite in the near future.