Spirit of the Suwannee Part Three

Thar’s Peepers in the Showers! With humidity enabling its partner, heat, to reach a suffocating and tyrannical co-dependency, I was prompted to head straight to the campground shower house. Hot water, towel hooks and empty, three things that go great together. Reaching in to turn on the water, my sixth sense told me before closing […]

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Spirit of the Suwannee Part 2

I’ve Got a Bike and I’ll ride it if I like… In the early 1970s there was a gas station on the Northeast corner of Nobel Avenue and Ventura Blvd (yes the same Ventura Blvd that Tom Petty claims Vampires move west upon) in the beautiful people’s republic of Sherman Oaks, California. This particular station […]

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Spirit of the Suwannee Part One

Way down upon the Suwanee River in early September 2014…. Little Miss, Jack the Adventure Dog, the Driver and I journeyed to Florida in the height of the squelchy humid season.Honestly, I have never had a desire to go to Florida, not sure why. No, that’s a lie. I know why…GATORS! This fear began many […]

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No Doomsday Preppin’

I am no Doomsday prepper, Nostradamus ninny, Revelations reveler or End of the World enthusiast (okay, that’s not technically true; having thrown a couple of killer end of the world parties with the priestess of pastry Little Debbie, but I digress). However driving on 101 northbound through the world’s food belt of California farmland had […]

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