RV Park Beauty Lesson

There is no way I would have believed anyone if they had told me a year ago today I would attempt to dye my hair in a transient RV park somewhere around the West Coast. It had been quite a while since I played bathroom beauty parlor, and my roots showed it. With a full inch and a half of pure unadulterated Emmylou Harris, it was high time to head on over to the “Age Beautiful” hair color section of the local Sally Beauty Supply.

There are a few questions one must inwardly ask while attempting a covert operation as this. For example:

  1. How do I apply the dye when my RV bathroom is approximately 3’ x 4’ x maybe 6’?
  2. How do I bend down to look in the mirror without accidentally opening the bathroom door?
  3. How do I section my hair when I can’t really raise my arms over my head without hitting the ceiling?

These questions led me to think of other options:

  • Schedule a salon appointment with an unknown person who I’ll never see again.OR
  • Just do it in the RV Park bathroom. But that had questions too:
  1. How do I do this without anyone seeing me?
  2. How do I apply dye then walk across the campground back to RV to wait for my 30-minute root developing time, without
    A. Staining a towel so I could hide my hair.
    B. Looking ridiculous with a plastic bag on my head.
    C. Having anyone pass by me while there was dark slimy goo dripping down the back of my neck and side of my face.
  3. Is this against park policy, and could I jeopardize our stay with my vanity?

carmenmirandaI opted to take my chances, save money and go for the for the comfortable RV park bathroom. Gathering all materials: mixing bowl, root brush, dye & developer I made way to RV root eliminating room. Punching in the door code I began my stealth makeover. In just a few minutes I put the goop on my roots, covered my hair and went back to Little Miss without so much as a squirrel to notice me and hit my timer and continued with the process. The timer went off, I gathered the necessities for the shower and put a large plastic bag on my head to walk over to shower.

Of course, during this time, the Driver, while dealing with mechanical issues outside the bus, strikes up conversation with a stranger. With no way out of this situation, I must walk passed them. I place a very large bath blanket on top of my head, trying my best to be a nonchalant Carmen Miranda. I keep my head focused forward; the Driver makes a comment which I must acknowledge. By turning too quickly the towel falls to the side revealing garbage bag on my head with dark glop dripping. Thanks to me, stranger and driver have a deep hearty chuckle.


Next time, I will leave this to the pros…even if it is a pro I many never see again.

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