Spirit of the Suwannee Part Three

Thar’s Peepers in the Showers!


Turns out that the Squirrel Tree Frog pictured here are notorious hangers on in Florida Campgrounds.

With humidity enabling its partner, heat, to reach a suffocating and tyrannical co-dependency, I was prompted to head straight to the campground shower house. Hot water, towel hooks and empty, three things that go great together. Reaching in to turn on the water, my sixth sense told me before closing the shower curtains I should shake it. Heart pounding, I gently shook the curtain; behold two objects fall to the wet shower floor. Feeling a tickle on the side of my leg, I half-heartedly convince myself it’s just a green leaf. But the feeling continues going up my leg forcing me to come to grips with the reality, leaves don’t crawl up one’s legs.

And there it was in it’s amphibious glory: a wee peeper tree frog who realized I wasn’t a tree and hops off my leg onto the wall. On the other side a large dark green frog hops up and down wildly. Heart pumping and mouth inadvertently squealing…they hop out. I begin to shower when I notice something very large with creepy legs and long antennae bouncing up and down at the drain. I realize if I keep squealing like a little girl, someone I don’t know could come in. With only flip flops on I’d be more mortified than what the silly large bug thing boppin about the drain is doing to my personal space. So I make peace with the bug and clean off the grimy residue that this kind of weather seems to create. I was reminded, courage doesn’t mean you’re no longer fearful it just means you keep moving forward even if you want to run the other way.

Do yourself a favor if you’re going to Florida for the first time learn about the species that inhabit the campground showers.

Learn more here:  http://ufwildlife.ifas.ufl.edu/frogs/squirreltreefrog.shtml

And here:  http://www.insectidentification.org/insects-by-state.asp?thisState=Florida  (WARNING this page may make you itchy…)


Stay tuned for the conclusion of Spirit of the Suwannee Part Four: Hey Good Lookin’ How Old’s that man Gyratin’?

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