WHAT? A new Blog Post?

Sweet Cheezus I have not been a good blogger.  Soooo much has happened in the last 8 months that I’ve been more than neglectful on here.  I’ll be honest that I’ve tried my best to wash fracking out of my life.  But what I have found, is that you can’t.  Once you know what you know, it becomes the marker by which all things are measured.  Having issues with building permits?  No problem…it’s not fracking.  Neighbors had a loud party….big deal it’s not 24/7 and no flaring involved.  Traffic got you down?  Well, traffic gets you down regardless, and people can drive like gasholes but at least they’re not gasholes on a mission to deliberately drive you off the road.

So here I am, ever so slowly recovering from my depression.   Ground has not broken for the new house, yet,  but will soon, so YAY!!!  Still residing in the shack we bought, which has become the new normal.  But it’s time to come out of hibernation and share with you the fact that permits have been approved, bids are being taken and we are out to make a high performance home with the hope of eliminating the need for fossil fuels.  This will happen as finances allow,  and our systems are put into place – biogas is part of the plan for cooking, solar has always been the plan and maybe other systems as well.

I’m making a promise to myself and to you, dear reader, that I will be more on top of this whole blogging thing.  There is a lot to share and perhaps we can learn together.  There will be articles about property rights issues living in a small town, environmental concerns, building with straw bales, upcycling ideas, finding killer deals at Habitat for Humanity ReStore and a place called BRING.  Plus a multitude of other things I’d like to share with you, like the shows I’ve been attending,   interesting artists I’ve been meeting, volunteering with fascinating non-profits and observations with gratitude about this crazy thing called, life.

So will you join me again? I hope so,  like a close friend once said “The first blog post ain’t Shakespeare.”  I’d like to make a minor change to that quote: “The first blog post in a long time ain’t Shakespeare either.”

And now I leave you with “Flowers that have come up because I still don’t own a mower.”  Nature is everywhere and where there is nature, there will be surprises.



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